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-- Alpine Diversity: Adapted to the Peaks -- July 31-August 5, 2004 -- Snowbird Resort -- Salt Lake City -- Utah--

Call for Recent Topics Posters

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BOTANY 2004 represents the annual meeting of four professional societies, including the American Bryological and Lichenological Society (ABLS), the American Fern Society (AFS), the American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT), and the Botanical Society of America (BSA). The conference will be held July 31-August 5, 2004, at Snowbird Resort, Salt Lake City, Utah. The theme for BOTANY 2004 will be “Alpine Diversity: Adapted to the Peaks”

In addition to the regular program, which will run from Sunday through Wednesday (August 1-August 5), BOTANY 2004 will include an expanded format. The third FORUM focusing on botanical education and outreach will be held on Saturday, July 30, and it will be linked to the annual scientific meeting on Sunday, July 31, via workshops and field trips. Dr. Eugenie Scott, National Center for Science Education, will deliver the Keynote Address at the FORUM, and Dr. Rita Colwell, Immediate Past Director of the National Science Foundation, will present the Plenary Address at the scientific meeting. For details about these lectures and rest of the Conference program, please explore the BOTANY 2004 web site.

Submission of regular abstracts for the conference closed on 10 April 2004.

This Call announces a poster session for BOTANY 2004 with an extended abstract submission deadline. The ‘Recent Topics’ poster session is designed to accommodate research results that may not have reached fruition by the April deadline or may have only recently come to light.

Recent Topics posters will fit onto bulletin boards that are 4 ft tall and 4 ft wide.


Each Recent Topic poster requires an abstract. The same individual should not be a first author on more than three abstracts total for the conference, including regular submissions.

Submission of abstracts, titles, and other relevant information (e.g., keywords) for Recent Topics posters should be conducted on-line using the “Electronic Abstract Submission Form”. Copies of the abstracts will be sent electronically to the sender, the Program Chair of the Section/Society selected for submission, and the BSA Program Director.

Abstracts will be accepted beginning on May 27, 2004 on a first-come, first-served basis until all available poster slots for the conference are filled. Space is limited. The absolute deadline for receiving abstracts is July 17, 2004.


Questions about Recent Topics Posters should be directed to the BSA Program Director: Jeffrey M. Osborn, Division of Science, Truman State University, 100 E. Normal Street, Kirksville, MO 63501-4221. Tele: (660) 785-4017, Fax: (660) 785-4045, E-mail:

Questions about the Meeting program should be directed to the
BSA Meetings Manager:
Johanne Stogran
Botanical Society of America Meetings Office
2813 Blossom Ave
Columbus, OH 43231
Tele: (614) 899-9356
Fax: (614) 895-7866

Or Contact the Conference Plannning Team


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