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McIntosh, Terry T. [1].

Bryophyte and Lichen Biodiversity Research at the Hanford Reach National Monument, Richland, Washington.

Inventories of North American arid land ecosystems have yielded many unusual and often rare or geographically restricted species of bryophytes and lichens. A recent biodiversity study of the shrub-steppe and associated habitats in the Hanford Reach National Monument near Richland, Washington, has revealed that this area has a rich diversity of lichens and bryophytes, even though it has been heavily disturbed through time, especially recently by very hot, landscape-scale fires. This study has significantly increased the reported numbers of these taxa o要 site, listing some 90 species of lichens and 35 species of bryophytes, with some collections remaining undetermined. Of the lichen taxa, over half of the species are terricolous, a third are epiphytic, and the remaining are saxicolous, with a small number found o要 more than o要e habitat. O要e lichen taxon, possibly Xanthoria, has an uncertain generic affinity, and may represent a new lichen record for North America. Of the bryophyte taxa, the great majority are terricolous, with o要ly four species primarily saxicolous, although two of these also grow o要 compact soils. None are epiphytic. Important bryophyte discoveries include a large population of Crossidium seriatum, interesting varieties of Syntrichia caninervis and S. ruralis, and a number of unknown Didymodon taxa. The general lack of saxicolous and epiphytic bryophyte taxa reflect arid land environmental constraints. The results of this study reflect the needs for biodiversity studies at Hanford and arid regions elsewhere. Bryophytes and most lichens have their growing seasons from late autumn into the spring, and biodiversity investigations are best done from February into May.

1 - Biospherics Environmental Inc., 3-1175 E. 14th Ave., Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T-2P2, Canada

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Presentation Type: Paper
Session: 47-5
Location: Magpie (Cliff Lodge)
Date: Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
Time: 10:00 AM
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