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Matheson, Taina [1], Johnson, Devin P. [1], McMurry, Samuel L. [1], Johnson, Leigh A. [1].

Using ISSRs to assess genetic variation within and between populations of blue flax.

Lewis blue flax, Linum lewisii Pursh, is a common wildflower in western North America. The perennial blue flax ‘Appar’ has been widely used in rangeland seedings, and was once thought to be a cultivar of native Lewis blue flax. However, it has been found that ‘Appar’ is actually a cultivar of the European species Linum perenne L., a naturalized species often confused with L. lewisii. Genetic variability within populations, whether native or seeded, determines their ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Genetic variation between populations may reflect metapopulation structure, geographic isolation, and/or adaptation to local conditions. We used inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSRs), a single-primer PCR technique, to assess the level of genetic variation within and between populations of both native L. lewisii and seeded L. perenne in Utah. We used ISSR primers composed of several repeats of a di- or tri- nucleotide sequence, anchored by a single base at the 3’ end. The PCR amplifies regions throughout the genome that are bounded on each end by microsatellite regions corresponding to the primer sequence. The product is size-fractionated on an agarose gel, and bands are scored by size for presence or absence in each population. ISSR banding patterns reveal high levels of genetic variation within populations, and some interesting patterns of genetic variation between populations of L. lewisii. One sampled population, whose habitat and community associations appear to differ from most L. lewisii populations, is also genetically distinct. ISSR banding patterns also show genetic variability in ‘Appar’ blue flax. Genetic variation within and between native populations should be taken into account in the development of a seed source for native Lewis blue flax.

1 - Brigham Young University, Department of Integrative Biology, P.O. Box 5181, Provo, Utah, 84602, USA

population genetics
restoration seeding

Presentation Type: Poster
Session: 32-55
Location: Special Event Center (Cliff Lodge)
Date: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
Time: 12:30 PM
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