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Wang, Yunjing [1], Wyatt, Sarah [1], Ballard, H. E. [1].

Identification of the ABCDE floral gene orthologs in two cleistogamous species:Viola pubescens and Viola sororia.

Most species in the genus Viola can produce both chasmogamous (open, potentially outcrossing) and cleistogamous (closed, obligate selfing) flowers o­n the same plant. This interesting phenomenon has been of great interest to many biologists and ecologists. However, little is known about the molecular regulation involved in this system. Since the ABCDE model suggests different floral organs are controlled by several classes of genes, we are using PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) to identify the ABCDE orthologs in two cleistogamous violets: Viola pubescens and Viola sororia, in hope of better understanding the molecular mechanism underlying the mixed breeding system.
Primers were designed by aligning the “ABCDE” orthlogous genes in other plant species. Genomic DNA extracted from each of the two violets was used as the template. PCR products were then cloned and sequenced. Their identities were verified by nucleotide-nucleotide BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool). In this way, we have identified a putative APETALA1 (an A class gene in Arabidopsis) gene and a putative PISTALATA gene (a B class gene in Arabidopsis) from both species. The putative APETETALA1 from both species show identity to APETELA1 of Arabidopis, Sinapsis and Brassica with an e value of 0.0. The e values of the putative PISTALATA of both species to PISTALATA of Malus, PISTALATA of Betula, GLOBAL of Antirrhinum are 1e-36, 7e-29, and 7e-29 respectively.
Once all ABCDE orthologs have been identified, we will compare the expression of these genes during the development of the two types of flowers. Also, we will continue to study the regulation of these genes, trying to identify transcriptional elements in the upstream regions as well as transcription factors. Our research will facilitate the understanding of the mixed breeding system and provide information for the culture of Viola.

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1 - Ohio University, Department of Environmental and Plant Biology, Porter Hall, Richland Avenue, Athens, Ohio, 45701-2979, USA

ABCDE model
cleistogamous flowers
chasmogamous flowers

Presentation Type: Poster
Session: 32-153
Location: Special Event Center (Cliff Lodge)
Date: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
Time: 12:30 PM
Abstract ID:1059

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