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Dahl, William [1], Master, Dave [2].

Meeting the challenge posed by Botany 2003 Keynote speaker (Dr. Bruce Alberts) and the Sci-π adventure.

This session is designed to present one option for the Botanical Society of America (BSA) membership in responding to Dr. Bruce Alberts’ challenge in his 2003 Keynote Address to the Botany 2003 Educational Forum. He challenged the BSA to provide the bold leadership needed to mix educational practice with educational principles and ensure diverse young people are encouraged to pursue science and an understanding of things scientific. He outlined the challenges we face in assuring that subsequent generations become engaged in the sciences, and urged science professionals to become involved in programs that are based on how we know young people actually gain knowledge as a means of developing talent within a field.
Dr. Alberts spoke specifically of a group called the ACME Network, a not-for-profit educational organization providing ongoing interactivity among professional animators, working with students and teachers learning this art form. ACME sustains this connection on a wide scale for novice learners to apprentice-level artists. With relatively few professional animators supplying feedback on learner projects and engaging animation challenges for an hour or two each month, ACME benefits classroom programs and individuals throughout the world. It combines innovative use of basic communications technology and sound learning design.
Over the past twelve months the BSA has worked with ACME and other organizations to explore the options for moving their success as an animation teaching/learning medium into the plant sciences. Dave Master, ACME’s founder, (and former IBM National Technology Teacher of the Year and former Director of Artist Development at Warner Bros. Feature Animation) and Bill Dahl, BSA Executive Director, will outline the developments of the Sci-π pilot, an interactive resource in support of science learning. Sci-π will be a sustainable way for our professional community to inspire and inform K-12 science learning for thousands of young people, as ACME Animation now connects aspiring artists with professional artists and animators.
Dr. Alberts’ challenge to us is to do in the plant sciences what the animation studios have done in their field: take a little time from many experts and serve many thousands. Dave and Bill will briefly outline ACME’s program and move into a discussion of how this approach might work best in the field of plant sciences. Your participation and ideas are welcome.

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1 - Botanical Society of America, 4475 Castelman Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63166-0299, USA
2 - ACME Network, 2445 Daly Street, Suite B-002, Los Angeles, California, 90031, USA

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Presentation Type: Education
Session: F5c-0
Location: Maybird (Cliff Lodge)
Date: Saturday, July 31st, 2004
Time: 2:45 PM
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