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A century of seed ferns: A symposium to celebrate paradigm shifts in the understanding of seed plant
After the book - Progress in parasitic plant research since Kuijt's Biology of Parasitic Flowering Plants (1969)
Discerning homologies: Gene expression, development, and morphology
Don Kaplan - his legacy: Influencing teaching and research
Methods and theory of phylogenetic inference
Plant development and evolution: Lessons learned from candidate genes
Resistance, emigration, or adaptation? Phylogeography and ecology of European alpine plant species
Resolving the green branch of life: Current progress and future challenges
Rupert Barneby and his legume legacy
Seed plant gametophytes: Still the forgotten generation?!?
Sexual dimorphism in bryophytes: Patterns and consequences
The biology of rarity: Conservation of bryophytes and lichens
The Convention on Biological Diversity: What is it and why should botanists care?
The power of two: Marrying phylogeny and biogeography to reconstruct the evolutionary history of pteridophytes
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Presentations for Program: Methods and theory of phylogenetic inference

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Tuesday, August 3rd · 8:45 am to 12:45 pm · Alpine A (Snowbird Center)
Session 31: Colloquium: Methods and theory of phylogenetic Inference, Part I
Presider: Mark P. Simmons, Colorado State University
31-1August 3rd
8:45 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Methods and theory of phylogenetic inferenceSymposiumKelchner, Scot A., Simmons, Mark P..
31-2August 3rd
9:00 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Incongruence around the species level: Is the glass half full or half empty?SymposiumDoyle, Jeff J..incongruence
gene tree/species tree
31-3August 3rd
9:30 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Estimating speciation and extinction rates from phylogenetic trees: A Markov chain Monte Carlo approachSymposiumSalamin, Nicolas.birth and death
speciation and extinction rates
Markov chain Monte Carlo
importance sampling
31-4August 3rd
10:00 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Dead Green: Conceptual and Empirical Perspectives on Integrating Fossils and Extant Taxa in Phylogenetic AnalysisSymposiumSoltis, Pamela S., Manos, Paul S., Manchester, Steven R., Bell, Charles, Soltis, Douglas E..divergence time estimates
phylogeny reconstruction
missing data
August 3rd
10:30 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Break
31-5August 3rd
10:45 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)The use of ESTs in phylogenetic analyses SymposiumSoltis, Douglas E., Soltis, Pamela S., Albert, Victor A., Kim, Sangtae.expressed sequence tags
phylogeny reconstruction
genomic resources
31-6August 3rd
11:15 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Resampling branch support strategies: balancing accuracy and effortSymposiumFreudenstein, John.branch support
cladistic analysis
31-7August 3rd
11:45 am
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)The influence of flat topological priors on Bayesian inference of phylogeneticsSymposiumRandle, Christopher P., Pickett, Kurt M..Bayesian phylogenetics
clade posterior probability
prior probability
31-8August 3rd
12:15 pm
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Parsimony vs. Bayesian likelihood for phylogenetic inference from heterogeneous datasetsSymposiumSimmons, Mark P., Zhang, Li-Bing, Webb, Colleen T., Reeves, Aaron, Miller, Jeremy A..rate heterogeneity
phylogenetic inference
Bayesian likelihood
branch support
Tuesday, August 3rd · 2:30 pm to 5:45 pm · Alpine A (Snowbird Center)
Session 39: Colloquium: Methods and theory of phylogenetic Inference, Part II
Presider: Scot A. Kelchner, Australian National University
39-1August 3rd
2:30 pm
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)(Mis)rooting phylogenetic treesSymposiumGraham, Sean W..trees
phylogenetic inference
systematic error
long-branch attraction
Tree of Life
root node
39-2August 3rd
3:00 pm
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Evaluating partitioned models for phylogenetic analysis of combined data.SymposiumKelchner, Scot A., Swofford, David L., Wilgenbusch, James.phylogenetic inference
systematic error
outgroup rooting
partitioned models
combined data
August 3rd
3:30 pm
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)Break
39-3August 3rd
3:45 pm
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)The utility of whole chloroplast genome sequencing for reconstructing deep nodes in plants with an example from basal angiospermsSymposiumJansen, Robert K., dePamphilis, Claude W., Raubeson, Linda, Leebens-Mack, James, McNeal, Joel R., Cui, Liying, Zhang, Yan, Wyman, Stacia, Boore, Jeffrey, Kuehl, Jennifer.Amborella
basal angiosperms
chloroplast DNA
comparative genomics
seed plants
39-4August 3rd
4:15 pm
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)The limits of conventional cladistic analysis - the 500-terminal rbcL matrix, sources of variation in the estimation of branch support, and some gentle criticisms of supertree methodsSymposiumDavis, Jerrold I., Nixon, Kevin C., Little, Damon P..rbcL
cladistic analysis
39-5August 3rd
4:45 pm
Alpine A (Snowbird Center)King Kong versus Godzilla: supertree and supermatrix phylogeneticsSymposiumSanderson, MJ, Driskell, Amy.genomics
database mining

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