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After the book - Progress in parasitic plant research since Kuijt's Biology of Parasitic Flowering Plants (1969)
Discerning homologies: Gene expression, development, and morphology
Don Kaplan - his legacy: Influencing teaching and research
Methods and theory of phylogenetic inference
Plant development and evolution: Lessons learned from candidate genes
Resistance, emigration, or adaptation? Phylogeography and ecology of European alpine plant species
Resolving the green branch of life: Current progress and future challenges
Rupert Barneby and his legume legacy
Seed plant gametophytes: Still the forgotten generation?!?
Sexual dimorphism in bryophytes: Patterns and consequences
The biology of rarity: Conservation of bryophytes and lichens
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Tuesday, August 3rd · 11:00 am to 12:00 pm · Magpie B (Cliff Lodge)
Meeting: Phytochemical Section Business Meeting
Presider: Emanuel L. Johnson, USDA ARS
August 3rd
11:00 am
Magpie B (Cliff Lodge)Meeting
Tuesday, August 3rd · 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm · Special Event Center (Cliff Lodge)
Session 32: Contributed Posters: Phytochemical Posters
32-65August 3rd
12:30 pm
Special Event Center (Cliff Lodge)Oxalate and phytate concentrations in seeds of soybean (Glycine max L.)Poster: Phytochemical SectionHorner, Harry T., Cervantes-Martinez, Teresa, Healy, Rosaria, Reddy, Manju B., Bailey, Theodore B., Bernard, Richard L., Palmer, Reid G..oxalate
32-66August 3rd
12:30 pm
Special Event Center (Cliff Lodge)A kinase signaling cascade: rambling in the labyrinth?Poster: Phytochemical SectionKurchii, B.A..nitric oxide and ethylene signaling cascades
free radical chain reactions
oxidative agents
32-67August 3rd
12:30 pm
Special Event Center (Cliff Lodge)Comparative Phytochemical analysis of three varieties of Arachis hypogaea L. (Fabaceae)Poster: Phytochemical SectionOgunwenmo, K. Olusola, Adebiyi, Abimbola E..Arachis hypogaea
Phytochemical analysis
Color cocentration
Oil yield
Oleic and linoleic acids

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